Gear Bag Profile: DND President, Mark Coin

In the coming months we will be highlighting what gear we carry afield and why. They will be season appropriate, or in the lead up to the next season in an effort to get you our recommendations as you prepare for your hunts. Certainly none of this is set in stone and what works best for most may not necessarily work all. We at DND Outdoors want to see you put yourself in the best position for a safe and successful day in the field and it is our hope that maybe something we talk about here may aide you in the future; perhaps a piece of equipment or tactic you may have overlooked in the past will now become part of your hunting tool box and contribute to your experience. In this first installment of The Gear Bag Profile, DND Outdoors President, Mark Coin discusses what it is he takes in the field or on the water for a day of water fowling.
“I typically do two types of water fowling as do most hunters; land and water. Normally if I’m hunting land such as a pit I like to carry a simple blind bag that normally contains a small tube of gun oil, couple bottles of water, some type of snack, extra chokes and shells, and extra reeds and corks. Before the advent of smart phones I’d carry a compass (which is still a good backup), given the technology with today’s smartphones, you can get so much more than a compass, including weather aps. I keep a few ziplock bags, a throw away pocket knife (ya never know), extra bennie, and maybe some hand warmers. If I’m hunting water I’ll normally use a backpack style bag, including all of the aforementioned gear for land hunting, however; I also will pack an extra set of thermal underwater, socks and maybe an old pair of camo pants and a sweatshirt (never know when you might get wet). I’ll usually have some type of jerk cord system, typically some decoy line with a piece of surgical tubing or old tire inner tube, for those days with no wind, extra batteries for my headlamp are important too. While hunting over water I’ll usually keep my wallet and cellphone in a ziplock bag somewhere I can get to it fairly easy. One thing a lot of guys don’t think about when hunting water is to have some type of signaling device; whether it’s flares or maybe a whistle. I have a simple flashlight ap on my phone that will flash Morse code, again you never know. I’ve had my own personal mishaps while water fowling hunting. Each year folks die needlessly while hunting.”
An important note to end on for sure, we sometimes take for granted always coming home in the same condition we left in; safety and being prepared for those unexpected incidents should always be top on our list before we hit the fields, water, or trees. We hope you found this first Gear Bag Profile helpful and we wish you all safe and successful hunts! If you have questions for Mark or anyone on the DND Staff please feel free to leave your comments here or find us on Facebook at or on Twitter at .

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Join Eddie Salter The Turkeyman and DND Crew on the Pursuit Channel

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Down N Dirty Outdoors teams with The Pursuit Channel to bring The Turkey Man with Eddie Salter

Lewisburg, Ky(December 7, 2012)-  Down N Dirty Outdoors, Makers of high quality, hand crafted game calls and accessories, made the announcement today that they have teamed with The Pursuit Channel to bring The Turkey Man television series, hosted by Outdoor Hall of Fame member Eddie Salter of Down N Dirty Outdoors.  The show will feature hunts for various species across the nation from Eddie and the rest of the Down N Dirty Outdoors production crew.

“This show starts to bring to reality something we have wanted for a long time, but as a young, fast growing company, we knew we had to wait for the right time,” said Mark Coin, President of Down N Dirty Outdoors.  “We knew when Eddie came on board last year that he would be a tremendous help to bring this project to life, and we are excited to let the viewers see how we do things in the field, and share those experiences.”

“I am very excited to be working on this project and see it come to life,” added Salter. “This is going to be a fresh new show that we think the viewers will love. We want to show the viewers all the old school AND new school tricks that make us successful in the field, all while providing quality and informative entertainment that keeps you on the edge of your seat.   And this isn’t just going to be a turkey show; we have some phenomenal deer and waterfowl footage as well, so we have something that appeals to all hunters, during all seasons.   And I’m sure there will be plenty of bloopers to add spice to it all.”

The show will air the first two quarters of 2013 on The Pursuit Channel. The show will begin Wednesday, January 2nd at 11am CDT, Saturdays at 6pm CDT,  and Sundays at 8pm CDT.

For more information on Down-N-Dirty Outdoors, and to get demonstrations on the entire line of calls go to  HYPERLINK “” Be sure to visit the Down-N-Dirty Outdoors fan page on Facebook.

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Polycarb Haint Gobble Call Press Release

Polycarb Haint Release

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Field & Stream Magazine votes “Haint Gobble Call” #1.

Haint Gobble Call goes all the way to the top!

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Mark Coin on his trip to Canada with Duck Creek Outfitters

“I’ve been alot of places around the country chasing ducks and geese. I’ve hunted public ground all my life…I know when it comes to waterfowling, the man that puts in the hard work kills the birds!!! Sykes Mitchell at Duck Creek Outfitters figured that out a long time ago. I’ve never seen a more devoted bunch of guys! They work hard, they know the birds, and they know their ground. When you travel as far as Canada you expect the best and that’s exactly what the DND Crew experienced this past October! Big Canada’s and lots of Green!!! The food without a doubt is the Best of any outfitter I’ve Ever visited…Bar None!! If you want the full Canadian experience then do not hesitate to give Sykes a call. You will not be disappointed!! ”

Mark Coin
President DND Outdoors

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Killen Krew Member, Kindell Keaton, Wins Open Division at Turkey Calling Contest

Congratulations go out to Kindell Keaton, a member of the Killen Krew. Kindell won the open division at the 5th Annual Turkey Calling Contest of the NWTF River Valley Longbeards.

Kindell Keaton

2011 Ohio contest Winners

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Down-n-Dirty Illinois Duck Hunt

Mark just spent a few days on a duck hunt in Illinois with Bill Miller.  Here is what our friend Bill had to report:

“Spend a day in a duck blind with a great field and contest duck caller, you’re going to learn some stuff. Spend a day in the blind with a great duck hunter, you’re going to learn a lot, too. So what happens when you spend two days in the blind with a guy who’s both a superb caller and a hunter who earned his stripes thrashing for ducks on public areas with the rest of us? Well, my head’s swimming with all that I learned and relearned here in Union County, Illinois in the last couple days.”

Check out Bill’s entire blog post from “Around the Campfire With Bill”.

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Welcome to the new DND website

We are so excited to show you our new and improved Down N Dirty Outdoors website!  We’ve worked long and hard to give you lots of new features so you can experience the “Outdoor Mafia” lifestyle.  There is updated info about our company and our mission, a calendar of events we will be attending in 2011, videos, and of course the turkey calls for the serious hunting enthusiast.  Plus we are offering FREE SHIPPING until January 31st, as an introduction to our web product! Drop us a line and let us know what you think:

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See You in 2011

We will be spending the first few months of 2011 traveling to various trade shows around the country.  If you are in the neighborhood during any of these dates, we’d love to hear your latest hunting story!

Jan. 2 – 4, 2011
ATA Show in Indianapolis, IN
Archery Trade Association
Indiana Convention Center
100 South Capitol
Indianapolis, IN 46225

Jan. 16 – 19, 2011
SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV
The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show and Conference
Sands Expo Center

Feb. 5 – 13, 2011
Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA
State Farm Show Complex

Feb. 16 – 20, 2011
NWTF National Convention in Nashville, TN
Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center

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Fall Turkey Hunting Tip

According to champion caller and co-owner of Down-N-Dirty Outdoors game calls, Jason Kidd, “By far, one of my favorite and one of the most effective ways to hunt turkeys in the fall is by scattering a flock and calling them back.

“First, you locate a flock, and get into a position where you can effectively scatter it,” Kidd continued. “Keep in mind, that for this tactic to work, you have to scatter the birds in all different directions. This means you have to get relatively close to the flock before you scare them off. Within about 20 minutes of scattering the flock, the woods will come alive with turkey sounds—yelps, kee-kees, cutting and cackles. This is when the stage is yours to put on a show.

“I like to yelp and kee-kee on a mouth call, and I even do some yelping and clucks at the same time on a friction call. Keep in mind that you want to command your presence and lead this show. The DND Arsenic 3-reed has long been my go-to call for fall turkey hunting. It has the traditional cutter style cut with a small slash in the back that gives it a pitch that is pure turkey. It gives me a nice clear kee-kee followed up with some high-pitched raspy yelps.

“Simultaneously, I will be yelping, clucking or cutting on the DND Soul Crusher Slate call. Personally, I like the slate call because it is more forgiving.”

Fall turkey hunting is not only an opportunity to harvest a great bird, but also a time to really listen and learn from the turkey. Not as many hunters flock to the woods for turkey this time of year, so the competition from fellow hunters is less.  Enjoy this time—get out there, and get Down-N-Dirty with some birds this fall.

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